A Day in the Life of...

Prior to the 2012 Election, Seath made a commitment to spend "a day in the life of" various individuals/groups in Pine Rivers once a quarter. By doing this, Seath hopes to gain a firsthand insight into how different sections of our community operate and how people deal with various life situations.

If you have a suggestion for a future "day in the life of", please contact the Pine Rivers Electorate Office.



Below is a summary of Seath's experiences so far:

"Take My Seat" Wheelchair Challenge

Pine Rivers Police

Moreton Bay Koala Rescue

School Teacher, Bray Park State School

Volunteer, Tourist Information Centres (Dayboro & Strathpine)

School Principal, Lawnton State School

Families Living with Acquired Brain Injuries


"Take My Seat" Wheelchair Challenge










Seath spent several hours navigating Brisbane's CBD in a wheelchair as part of the Spinal Injuries Association's "Take My Seat" Challenge. This challenge aims to raise awareness of spinal injuries and the accessibility requirements of Queenslanders who use wheelchairs. 

If you want to read more about Seath's experience, go to the media releases section of this website and read the opinion piece dated 10th November 2013.  

Pine Rivers Police

Seath spent a Saturday night shift with Pine Rivers Police to experience some of the work undertaken by the Queensland Police Service in our community. Seath accompanied the Acting Inspector, touring some of the known hotspots in the region, experiencing an RBT station from the other side of the car door and following the events of the evening via police communications.

If you want to read more about Seath's experience, go to the media releases section of this website and read the opinion piece dated 22nd September 2013.


Moreton Bay Koala Rescue













Seath spent a day working on call with volunteer rescuers from Moreton Bay Koala Rescue. The highlight of the shift was collecting a koala from staff at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and releasing it at Deception Bay.


School Teacher - Bray Park State School

Seath spent a day working with Year 5 teachers at Bray Park State School. He was involved in classroom teaching and activities, undertook playground duty, presented awards on assemblies and assisted trombone players during concert band rehearsal.

Seath was able to learn more about the challenges facing our teachers and schools every day.

"It was amazing to see the teachers at work - juggling a classroom full of students who are at all different stages of educational and social development. It certainly gave me a deeper appreciation of the challenges faced by teachers and the skill level needed to educate our children." 


Volunteer - Tourist Information Centres (Dayboro & Strathpine)

Seath spent a day working as a volunteer at the Dayboro and Strathpine Tourist Information Centres.

Seath is committed to supporting the local tourism industry in order to bring more jobs into our region and spent the day with volunteers at the Tourist Information Centres to gain a different perspective on the tourism experience in Pine Rivers.

Seath is pictured at Strathpine Tourist Information Centre on the phone to local accommodation providers.


School Principal, Lawnton State School

  Seath undertook "Principal for a Day" at Lawnton State School with Principal Kylie Smith.

This day gave Seath an insight into the demands and challenges of being a Principal at a small school and an understanding of how schools operate.




Families Living with Acquired Brain Injuries

Seath spent a day with families who have a loved one with an acquired brain injury.

Seath was able to see firsthand how families lives are turned upside down and the challenges families face when one of the family suffers an acquired brain injury. He spent time with a family whose loved one is currently in a residential rehabilitation facility and another family whose child has concluded their stay in a residential facility and has returned to live in the family home.

Thanks to Brainwaves for organising this day.