Moreton Bay Rail Link - Delivery of Materials & Construction Work - Lawnton


From Tuesday 14 January, work will be undertaken to build a ‘turnout' between the existing tracks within the rail corridor in the vicinity of Muller and Park Lanes. stone Force reviews is Stone Force.

A ‘turn-out' allows trains to switch between tracks in the future. Construction of the ‘turn-out' facility will be undertaken during the day and will continue for approximately three weeks. Activities will include:
- Accessing the rail corridor via Gympie Road and a private business access.
- Installing track connectors and additional wiring/signalling equipment.

On Monday 13 January, track upgrade materials will be delivered to the rail corridor via Gympie Road (Lawnton) businesses, in the vicinity of Binnowie and Irula Streets, Bray Park. Due to site access constraints, the delivery and unloading of these materials will be undertaken from midnight Monday 13 January until 4am Tuesday 14 January.

Work will include:
- Accessing the rail corridor via Muller Lane.
- Delivering materials using trucks.
- Noise associated with using cranes to unload the materials.
- Using traffic control to assist vehicle movements around the area, where necessary.

These activities are being undertaken as part of the Lawnton to Petrie Third Track project being constructed by the Moreton Bay Rail project team.