Moreton Bay Rail Link - Clearing Activities - Petrie Area


From Monday 13th January, the project team will start preparing the land reserved for the rail corridor for future construction. This work will involve clearing vegetation and in some areas, as well as demolition of buildings on land which has been purchased for the project. These activities will continue progressively across the whole project corridor over the coming months.

Activities will include:
- Establishing site access points and safety fencing where required.
- Removal of trees and vegetation within the project corridor.
- Demolishing buildings using specialist licensed contractors and removal of asbestos from any buildings prior to their demolition by specialist licensed contractors (where required).
- Temporary lane closures under the guidance of traffic control officers where work may be close to roads.
- Some noise associated with the use of machinery.

The removal of trees and vegetation will be carried out in accordance the project permit conditions and draft Koala Management Plan. The project team will also be using qualified fauna spotter/catchers to manage any wildlife found prior to the removal of vegetation.

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