Holswich Offers Assistance to Pine Rivers Public Servants


Pine Rivers MP Mr Seath Holswich has offered personal assistance to public servants from Pine Rivers who have been made redundant as part of the current public service restructure.

Mr Holswich has offered to personally assist redundant public servants from his electorate with resume preparation, job searching strategies and linking them with suitable recruitment services.

"I've experienced the uncertainty of being made redundant myself, so I can appreciate how difficult this will be for some public servants."

"I am offering my experience in the recruitment industry to any redundant Pine Rivers public servant who isn't sure where to start searching for employment."

Mr Holswich has previously spent 6 years working with various employment agencies and recruitment organisations locally and throughout Queensland. He has assisted long term unemployed jobseekers, jobseekers from disadvantaged backgrounds and school leavers, helping them to secure employment.

If offering this assistance, Mr Holswich has reminded Pine Rivers residents that the tough decisions taken by the Newman Government were an unfortunate necessity given the state of the Queensland Government's financial situation.

"It is unfortunate that our government had to make this tough decision to significantly reduce the size of the public service," Mr Holswich said. "However, we faced little choice given the extreme nature of the debt and deficit left by the previous Labor government."

"We could not let our state debt situation continue to go unchecked. This year our state hit $65 billion in debt and projections, if no corrective action was taken, showed us heading towards $100 billion debt."

"We are a government who will make the tough decisions that will enable us to pay down Labor's debt legacy and rebuild the state's economy."

Anyone wishing to take advantage of Mr Holswich's offer should contact the Pine Rivers Electorate Office on 3205 6779 or pine.rivers@parliament.qld.gov.au