Cost of Living Relief Delivered in State Budget


Kallangur and Pine Rivers households will reap the benefits of the Newman Government's first budget through cost of living relief.

Local MPs have said that the Newman Government has delivered on their promise to Kallangur and Pine Rivers residents that there would be cost of living relief under an LNP Government.

"Leading into this year's election locals were telling me that the increasing cost of living was their number one concern," Mr Trevor Ruthenberg said. "We've listened to those concerns and have wasted no time in delivering significant cost of living relief."

Key measures announced in yesterday's budget and in recent months include:
• An $80 rebate on domestic water bills in South East Queensland
• Freezing car registration fees for family vehicles
• Reinstating the principal place of residence stamp duty exemption, saving home buyers up to $7,175 when buying a family home
• Freezing the standard electricity tariff (Tariff 11), saving families an average of $120 annually on their electricity bill
• Increasing the First Home Owner Grant on new homes from $7,000 to $15,000

Mr Seath Holswich said that the water rebate was only the first step in water reform.

"The South East Queensland water network is an absolute tangled mess. We're still working on sorting it out but the $80 rebate in this financial year will deliver immediate cost of living relief while we keep working on long term solutions," Mr Holswich said.

Public transport users are also better off under the Newman Government.

"We have announced that we will halve the public transport fare increases due in 2013 and 2014 and we are rewarding regular commuters with free travel after nine journeys in a week," Mr Ruthenberg said.

"Even though this budget had to include some hard decisions to get our state back on track, we understand that increasing costs of living need to be addressed," Mr Holswich added.

"I'm proud to be part of a government that is delivering these significant savings."