Budget Boost for North Pine Water Treatment Plant


State Members for Pine Rivers and Kallangur have welcomed a $3.6 million dollar budget boost for the North Pine Water Treatment Plant to improve water quality and environmental compliance at the Plant.

"In this environment of capital works deferrals and delays, we welcome the Treasurers vote of confidence in our community," Mr Seath Holswich said.

"Water from North Pine Dam and its associated catchment area goes through the North Pine Water Treatment Plant before it's ready for storage and delivery to the homes in our community," Mr Holswich said.

"The Water Treatment Plant at North Pine Dam treats water and supplies many northern Brisbane suburbs as well as the regions of Moreton Bay Regional Council."

"It is very important for our community that this plant operates as safely and efficiently as possible."

"This treatment plant is located downstream and adjacent to the North Pine Dam." Mr Trevor Ruthenberg added.

"The plant can treat 250 megalitres of water a day and it began operation in 1974, so every now and again it needs to be upgraded and maintained. This budget allocation accomplishes that."

"Sometimes budget allocations like this seem mundane and boring, but they are vitally important for our community," Mr Holswich added.

"This money will ensure that as our community grows and changes the infrastructure we need is maintained and improved," said Mr Ruthenberg. "We welcome this budget boost for some vital plant and equipment that sometimes we take for granted."