Budget Signals Strong Future for Pine Rivers and Kallangur


Local MPs have welcomed the Newman Government's first budget, stating that it is a turning point in getting Pine Rivers and Kallangur back on track.

Mr Seath Holswich MP said that local electorates will benefit from the debt reduction strategies contained in this year's budget as well as a renewed focus on delivering frontline services.

"A strong financial position for Queensland means a strong Pine Rivers and Kallangur," Mr Holswich said.

"This budget puts Queensland on a path to regaining our AAA credit rating, which will save hundreds of millions of dollars in interest payments annually and can then be diverted to local service delivery."

Mr Trevor Ruthenberg MP added that this budget delivers on the Newman Government's commitments to reduce cost of living for local families.

"We are delivering on our commitment to the people of Kallangur and Pine Rivers. We are delivering savings on electricity costs, water bills, car registration fees and the cost of purchasing a family home."

At a glance, some of the budget commitments that benefit Pine Rivers and Kallangur are:
• An $80 rebate on domestic water bills in South East Queensland
• Freezing car registration fees for family vehicles
• Reinstating the principal place of residence stamp duty exemption, saving home buyers up to $7,175 when buying a family home
• Freezing the standard electricity tariff (Tariff 11), saving families an average of $120 annually on their electricity bill
• Increasing the First Home Owner Grant on new homes from $7,000 to $15,000
• $66 million for the completion of Moreton Bay Rail Link
• $3.6 million to improve water quality at North Pine Water Treatment Plant
• $1.413 million for Dakabin State High School
• $533,000 for Bray Park State High School
• $7.3 million towards construction of a third railway track between Lawnton and Petrie
• $368,000 for Home Assist Secure at Petrie
• Up to $160,000 for every state school in the region to help fix maintenance backlogs
• Over $17 million in on-going disability support grants
• Sharing in over $5 million in upgrades to social housing properties
• Delivering an additional 300 new police officers across Queensland this year
• $15 million trial to assist elderly parent carers of disabled children in making arrangements for their future care
• Increasing the payroll tax threshold from $1 million to $1.1 million this year, with further increases of $100,000 per year until 2017