Bray Park High Students to Benefit from New School Hall


Better education opportunities will be made available to Bray Park State High School students, under a commitment announced today by LNP Member for Pine Rivers, Seath Holswich.

Mr Holswich said if re-elected on 31 January, a renovated and extended school hall will be delivered as part of his strong plan for Pine Rivers.

“If I am re-elected as part of an LNP Government, I will deliver this long-awaited new and improved hall for the Bray Park High School community,” Mr Holswich said.

“The Bray Park High community have been in dire need of a new hall for many years and I have been working with them to secure this commitment since I was first elected in 2012.”

“A new hall will open up even more opportunities for Bray Park High students to ensure they receive the education they need to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.”

Bray Park State High School’s Acting Principal, Kirsten Ferdinands, echoed the need for a new hall for the school.

“A new hall for Bray Park State High School would provide a valuable resource for the entire school community,” she said.

“It will create new opportunities for teaching across many curriculum areas as well as a much needed venue for the greater school community to come together for parades and showcase events.”

Mr Holswich said that projects such as this would be delivered because of the LNP Government’s strong economic management.

“Now that we have set the right financial foundations for Queensland, we are able to truly afford much needed infrastructure such as this new school hall,” he said.

“Only the LNP has a strong team with a strong plan to help our students obtain the education and training they need to get the jobs of tomorrow.”