Holswich Commits to Easing the Heat for Pine Rivers High


Assemblies and special events on hot days will be made more comfortable for Pine Rivers High staff, students and parents, under a commitment announced today by LNP Member for Pine Rivers, Seath Holswich.

Mr Holswich said if re-elected on 31 January, new ceiling fans for the Assembly Hall at Pine Rivers State High School will be delivered as part of his strong plan for Pine Rivers.

“Excessive heat and poor airflow is always an issue in the Pine Rivers High Assembly Hall,” Mr Holswich said.

“If I am re-elected as part of a strong Newman LNP Government, I promise to deliver these fans for the Pine Rivers High School community.”

“They’ll provide a much more comfortable environment benefiting every parent, student and staff member at Pine Rivers High.”

Mr Holswich said that projects such as this are being delivered because of the LNP Government’s commitment to revitalising schools in the Pine Rivers electorate.

“In our first term of government we eliminated the $569,292 maintenance backlog at Pine Rivers High and spent $911,143 refurbishing their classrooms for Year 7 starting in high school.”

“This is a continuation of our commitment to provide the facilities students need to receive the best education possible at Pine Rivers High.”

“Only the LNP has a strong team with a strong plan and a vote for me will ensure students continue to obtain the education and training they need to get the jobs of tomorrow.”