Jobs Numbers Point to Need for Strong Choices


Today’s disappointing unemployment data further highlights the need for the Government to reduce debt so it can increase funding for job-creating infrastructure projects. 

Treasurer Tim Nicholls said trend unemployment increased 0.1 per cent in July to 6.5 per cent while seasonally adjusted the rise was 0.5 per cent to 6.8 per cent. 

The increase in unemployment in Queensland is part of the Australia-wide trend. 

“This is a disappointing result and further evidence that while the State’s economy is still growing strongly, the benefits are not being felt by all Queenslanders,” Mr Nicholls said. 

“On the positive side, Queensland still leads the nation in jobs growth. 

“In the year to July more than 50,000 jobs were created in this state,” he said. 

Mr Nicholls said the participation rate also increased by 0.7 per cent in trend terms since the start of the year. 

“This increase is largely due to an increase in the number of women entering the workforce,” he said. 

Mr Nicholls said employment would be further bolstered if the Government was given a mandate to implement its $8.6 billion Strong Choices Investment Program which could create up to 25,000 new jobs. 

“If we can reduce our $4 billion a year interest bill on the State’s $80 billion debt we can start to invest in the sorts of projects that generate those jobs,” he said. 

“Our plan includes significant investment in regional Queensland, creating more jobs in local communities. 

“Only the Government has a strong plan for a brighter future for Queensland.”