Schools Encouraged to Sign Up for Greater Autonomy


State Members Seath Holswich and Trevor Ruthenberg are inviting local schools to take part in the third round of the $22.8 million Independent Public Schools initiative.


“The Independent Public School program is all about giving parents, principals and teachers a greater say on how their school is run and I’m encouraging local schools to consider this opportunity,” Mr Holswich said.


“Schools will have more freedom to shape their own direction and make decisions that will directly benefit their students.


“This includes decisions about day-to-day operational matters, such as how resources are managed and what extra-curricular activities are offered to students.


“The Queensland Government is focused on achieving better student outcomes – by boosting teacher quality, improving student discipline and increasing school autonomy.”


Mr Ruthenberg said “Murrumba State Secondary College was one of Queensland’s first independent Schools and is providing a world class public education to its students.


“I am always impressed when I visit the School” he said


Paul Pengelly Principal of the College said the school has implemented a range of measures to improve student outcomes as a new Independent Public School


“The increased flexibilities afforded to Murrumba SSC have enabled us to tailor a workforce to our specific context and in doing so, provide the very best learning experiences for our students.” he said


“We really benefit from local decision-making, which ensures the programs we develop are relevant and tailored for our students.


Mr Ruthenberg said schools need to show they had consulted with their local communities and would be assessed on their capacity to assume greater responsibility; the potential benefits for students and the broader school community; and the innovative educational programs that the school would implement to improve student performance.


The Queensland Government plans to have 120 Independent Public Schools by 2016 with 80 schools already in the program.


Schools have until 5 September 2014 to lodge their applications to be considered and successful schools will be announced before the end of Term 4 this year.


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