Say Thank You to Your Bus Driver, Pine Rivers


The Queensland Government is encouraging Pine Rivers residents to thank their bus driver every time they get on board.

Member for Pine Rivers, Seath Holswich, said it was important to acknowledge the great job bus drivers do in keeping passengers safe each day.

“As well as getting passengers to their destination on-time, bus drivers also want to keep everybody safe, which isn’t always noticed,” Mr Holswich said.

“Next time you travel around the Pine Rivers region on the bus, why not try a simple few words, a smile or a wave to recognise your bus driver as an easy way to say thank you?

“Drivers work under difficult circumstances behind the wheel and have to deal with severe weather and busy traffic around busy parts of the greater northern suburbs all day long.

“Passengers can follow a few simple steps to ensure a good journey on the bus, including hailing the bus as it approaches, not using a mobile phone or talking loudly near the driver, not talking to the driver while the bus is in motion and moving to the back of the bus if it gets crowded.”  

Assistant Minister for Public Transport Steve Minnikin said the ‘Thank Your Bus Driver’ campaign was a small way of recognising the great job that bus drivers do every day in the community.

“Bus drivers are at the core of bus safety so help your bus driver help you,” Mr Minnikin said. “I’m always happy to see the communities’ drivers being recognised for the great job they do every day in our communities.

“We promised to revitalise public transport services, and this wouldn’t be possible without the help of hard working bus drivers.

“A small thank you to the driver for a job well done goes a long way and helps make the job a great deal more rewarding.”

The ‘Thank Your Bus Driver’ driver campaign is a direct outcome of the Bus Safety Committee.