“This budget delivers a strong plan for a brighter future for Pine Rivers and Kallangur.


Revitalised Frontline Services


Our region will benefit from the 7% increase in education spending, 6% increase in health funding, and $406 million commitment for child and family services in response to the Carmody enquiry.


We will also benefit from the $44.5 million commitment to address drug and alcohol-fuelled violence, will receive our share of 267 new police officers and will benefit from the investment in a second police helicopter.


This is a budget that shows our government is committed to revitalising frontline services.


Local Projects (in addition to previously announced funding)


  • Our government remains committed to the Moreton Bay Rail Link, including the installation of a third line between Lawnton and Petrie stations, and this project is on target for delivery in 2016.
  • $10.7 million is allocated in 2014-15 from a total budget of $18.8 million to ensure water quality and environmental compliance at the North Pine Water Treatment Plant. This is an important project that will ensure ongoing water security for our growing region.
  • $403,00 funding for Pine Rivers Home Assist Secure
  • $500,000 to commence a $6.695 million replacement of the Fire & Rescue Station at Petrie. The replacement Fire and Rescue Station plan is currently being developed. It is anticipated that planning and design will be completed in the 2014-15 financial year. Construction is anticipated to commence in 2015-16.


Pine Rivers

  • $400,000 has been announced from the Safer Roads Sooner Program (over 2014-15 to 2015-16) to fund a safety upgrade of the intersection of Eatons Crossing Rd & Lilley Rd, Warner/Cashmere.
  • $13.53 million in Disability Services funding to assist people with a disability and their families to access the support and services they need as they move through the different stages of their life.
  • $846,000 in funding for non-government organisations to deliver specialist homelessness services aimed at both reducing the number of homeless people and the number of people becoming homeless.



  • $6.98 million in Disability Services funding to assist people with a disability and their families to access the support and services they need as they move through the different stages of their life.
  • $7.522 million for variable speed limits signs on the Bruce Highway between Pine River and Caboolture.
  • $400,000 (of a total $500,000 project) to complete the upgrade of the Narangba Rd/Anzac Ave slip lane at Petrie/Kallangur.



Strong Choices


Following the unprecedented Strong Choices public consultation campaign, the State Government is proposing a program of asset transactions – sales, leases and private sector participation – to pay down State debt and fund vital infrastructure.


At their current value, the asset transactions could potentially deliver $33.6 billion.


Three-quarters of this - $25 billion – would be used to immediately pay down the State debt from $80 billion to the $55 billion recommended by the Independent Queensland Commission of Audit. This would reduce the annual interest bill from $4 billion to $2.3 billion.


The remaining $8.6 billion will fund the Strong Choices Investment Program, a suite of new infrastructure funds to support and stimulate the State’s economy.


Queenslanders will be invited to nominate projects in their communities that may qualify for funding from this program. We will ensure local residents and business owners have the opportunity to have their voices heard in terms of local projects that require funding.


Pensioner Concessions


The Federal Government has unilaterally and without warning cancelled $50 million in funding for a range of concessions, which Queensland pensioners receive. The Queensland Government is actually increasing its funding for the affected concessions, but this will not be enough to offset the impact of the Federal Government’s decision.


Queensland Government funding for the affected concessions will not be reduced and in fact will grow in 2014-15 by 9.9% compared to the estimated actual funding provided in 2013-14.


The federal government cuts amount to around a 15% decrease in concessions for pensioners and Seniors Card holders.


For this impact to be avoided, it would be necessary for the Federal Government to reinstate its funding. It is disappointing that the Federal Government chose to withdraw funding for these concessions, and we sincerely hope they reconsider this stance.




This is a strong budget for Queensland and our region and sets us on a path to be able to afford the infrastructure our region needs for a bright future.”