Buying ‘off the plan’ is now much easier


Buying property ‘off the plan’ will be easier than ever before thanks to new reforms introduced in Parliament last week.


State Members Seath Holswich and Trevor Ruthenberg said homebuyers will find it easier to retrieve important data on things like proposed earth works, the construction of buildings and other structures like retaining walls.


“Buyers take a leap of faith when they purchase off the plan, so it’s essential they know as much as they can to ensure they make the right decision,” Mr Holswich said


“Our local business industry will also benefit from less red tape and regulation, with the removal of duplicated administrative forms which cost businesses precious time and money.“ he said


“We have a target of reducing red tape by 20 per cent over the next six years and these reforms go a long way towards that.”


Mr Ruthenberg said “Buyers and sellers will also be given the freedom to make agreements on smaller developments without interference from government agencies.


“This is a win-win for all Queenslanders and will reduce costs for all those buying and selling property.” he said.