Pensioners who benefit from concession payments will not suffer any reduction in payments after the Queensland Government announced it would cover cuts announced in the Federal Budget.


Members for Pine Rivers and Kallangur said the Queensland Government had listened to Queenslanders’ concerns and demonstrated it by increasing concessions by $26 million.


Mr Holswich said “We’ve not only listened to Queenslanders, but we’ve acted, within the space of two days, to reinstate the full level of pensioner and senior concessions.


“There are no new taxes or cuts to front line services in this year’s budget,” he said


Mr Ruthenberg said “IAs your local representatives, we will continue to stand up for locals as part of our strong plan for this community.


“In contrast, Queensland Labor sits silent on the carbon tax, one of the biggest cost of living impacts on pensioners,” he said.


People can view the full results of the budget at