The literacy and numeracy of school students in local state schools will be boosted following the implementation of a targeted education plan.


Member for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich, said plans submitted by state schools to implement the Great Results Guarantee initiative were now approved and had been published on state school websites.


“Queensland’s education system needs to be at the top of its game in order for the state to be able to innovate and rise to the challenges of tomorrow,” Mr Holswich said.


“The Great Results Guarantee has enabled our schools to make a decision on what will best meet their literacy and numeracy requirements, and implement that change on a local level with input from the local community, teachers and students.”


Local examples of the use of the targeted funding include:

  • $100,000 to employ additional Intervention Support Teachers – Literacy & Numeracy at Petrie State School
  • $75,000 to provide professional development to staff in order to increase knowledge of the teaching of literacy and numeracy at Strathpine State School
  • $60,000 for a designated literacy and numeracy coach at Lawnton State School
  • $20,385 for new resources for maths classrooms at Dakabin State High School


Member for Kallangur, Mr Trevor Ruthenberg, said it was important to invest in our younger generation.


“Improved literacy and numeracy are essential to taking Queenslanders from kindergarten to meaningful employment. These skills enable them to develop their full potential and participate fully in our society and our growing economy,” Mr Ruthenberg said.


“There is a high degree of accountability built into the program as every school principal had to sign off on how they would use the new funding to maximise student literacy and numeracy outcomes.”


“It’s exciting to see the plan in place, and I look forward to seeing some fantastic outcomes in literacy and numeracy for our students.”


“This is about investing in our future, our children, and ensuring that Queensland remains a great state with great opportunity for generations to come.”


The Great Results Guarantee initiative, announced in January, allocated $131 million this year to Queensland’s more than 1230 state schools to boost student literacy and numeracy skills, with a focus on students’ early years.       


Schools were required to enter into an agreement that every student would either achieve the National Minimum Standard for literacy and numeracy for their year level or have an evidence-based plan, developed by the school, in place to address their specific learning needs.


Every state school now has their Great Results Guarantee available on their school website.