Funding Weight Lifted for Pine Rivers PCYC



Pine Rivers youth and school students will benefit from gym equipment purchased by Pine Rivers PCYC thanks to a State Government Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant.


Late last year Pine Rivers PCYC submitted a successful funding application to the Gambling and Community Benefit Fund (GCBF), to purchase new gym equipment. These grants are one-off grants for not-for-profit organisations which help them go above and beyond what their existing funding ordinarily allows.


Pine Rivers PCYC was granted $31,818.18 to purchase weights, medicine balls, kettle bells and other core fitness gear and strength and conditioning equipment.


“This new equipment assists students who are currently studying a Certificate II in Community Activities, which will aid them with future vocational and employment choices,” Mr Seath Holswich MP said.


“This is a joint initiative between Bray Park State High School and Pine Rivers PCYC, however, other schools such as Genesis Christian College and Holy Spirit School, are also benefitting.”


“Pine Rivers PCYC puts an emphasis on encouraging young people and the local community to live healthy lifestyles,” Acting Sergeant Ty Connell said.


“Pine Rivers PCYC provides a range of programs that engage the youth within the area and help our community stay fit and active. We also provide a number of other activities including sporting, recreation, welfare and cultural services to the local community,” Sergeant Connell added.


Mr Holswich went on to say, “the GCBF has provided a valuable boost to an indispensable community organisation and opened another avenue for raising funds for other PCYC programs.”


“As such, they are a valuable community organisation and can now further encourage community involvement due to the new equipment which is already being utilised by PCYC members and the community.”