Out of Control Parties to be Brought Under Control


Local streets will be safer with new laws that punish the organisers of out-of-control parties passing State Parliament this week.


Member for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich, said the new legislation would crack down on wild suburban parties that often lead to senseless violence and property damage as they spilled into the streets.


“Local residents and police are fed up with these parties, often advertised on social media sites like Facebook, that spiral out of control,” Mr Holswich said.


“These new laws will target those who try to profiteer from young people by holding these unsupervised parties with little regard to the safety and security of guests, the neighbourhood or police.”


Under the new laws, a person who organises a party that becomes an out-of-control event, their parents, or gate crashers, face a maximum penalty of 12 months jail or $12,100.


If police face aggravated and violent circumstances when shutting down wild parties, the party organisers may face fines up to $18,150 and three years in prison.


Member for Kallangur, Mr Trevor Ruthenberg, said that under the new laws, people who were not at fault would still be protected.


“We understand that sometimes the organisers of out-of-control parties are completely innocent,” Mr Ruthenberg said.


“The Bill provides a defence for a person who has taken reasonable steps to ensure the event does not become out of control, or where a third party has caused the offence.”


The bill also increases the length of time noise abatement directions apply from 12 hours to 96 hours, allowing police to respond to residences and deal with noise complaints.


Mr Ruthenberg said the new laws are all part of the Newman Government’s commitment to make Queensland the safest place to raise a family.


“We promised to deliver an additional 1,100 police officers over four years and we already have more than 600 of them working hard in Queensland.”


“With new laws targeting out-of-control parties and extra officers patrolling our streets, Queenslanders can rest assured this government is working hard to make our community safer.”


The QPS will launch a social media campaign targeting young people to educate them on the new laws. 


For tips on how to responsibly plan a party, visit the QPS website. www.police.qld.gov.au