Holswich Seeks Feedback on Alcohol-Fuelled Violence


Eatons Hill Hotel patrons resoundingly called for tougher laws and penalties for alcohol-fuelled violence, in a survey undertaken by Seath Holswich MP on Saturday night.

Of 449 respondents, 98.5% said they supported tougher laws as one measure to combat alcohol-fuelled violence in pubs, clubs and entertainment precincts.

(Note: summary of survey results is included at the end of this release)

Mr Holswich undertook the survey as part of the State Government's call for feedback on how Queensland should tackle the serious issue of alcohol-fuelled violence.

"Every Queenslander wants to be safe when they have a night out," Mr Holswich said. "We need to ensure our government's response to this issue has a positive impact and meets public expectations."

In addition to surveying patrons, Mr Holswich spent time with Eatons Hill Hotel security and management staff to observe a typical Saturday night at the hotel.

"To see the way the security process operates, how complaints against security staff are investigated and how patrons are managed was a valuable insight."

"I was impressed with the processes and systems the hotel has in place to ensure the safety of their patrons and staff."

Mr Holswich has also launched an online survey for Pine Rivers residents who wish to provide their views on this issue.

"I want to ensure everybody has an opportunity to have their opinion heard."

The survey can be found at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GZDWT3M

Mr Holswich will be meeting with Premier Newman this week to discuss the outcomes of Saturday night's survey.

Summary of survey of Eatons Hill Hotel Patrons (Conducted 1st February 6pm to 9pm)
• Total of 449 respondents
• 40% of respondents were aged 18-25
• 73% of 18-25s did not support earlier closing times for pubs/clubs
• 98% of respondents support tougher laws and penalties for anti-social behavior and alcohol-fuelled violence
• 85% of respondents support extra policing in pubs/clubs/entertainment precincts
• 85% of respondents do not think there is enough public transport late at night to get people home from pubs/clubs
• 72% of respondents do not think bottle shops should close earlier at night