New Era for Child Protection for Local Vulnerable Families


The Newman Government has announced it will implement the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry recommendations which will strengthen some of Pine Rivers and Kallangur's most vulnerable families.

Member for Kallangur, Mr Trevor Ruthenberg, welcomed the Newman Government's response to the Commission of Inquiry's final report, Taking Responsibility: A Roadmap for Queensland Child Protection.

"At the heart of these reforms is the need for parents and the Kallangur and Pine Rivers community to take responsibility for the care and wellbeing of their children," Mr Ruthenberg said.

"The Newman Government will take the approach of keeping families together and we will make it easier for families to get the right support they need so that wherever possible children can remain at home."

"Commissioner Tim Carmody's direction was clear that it should not just be up to the government to fix the problem - the report is about taking responsibility and it's up to parents and the community to play their part if there is to be real intergenerational change."

Member for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich, said the government had carefully considered each of Commissioner Carmody's 121 recommendations; with 115 accepted and a further six accepted in principle.

He said the Newman Government was poised and ready to implement the landmark reforms.

"The Newman Government inherited a child protection system that was overburdened and unsustainable," Mr Holswich said.

"The Labor Government created a statutory system that funnelled referrals to Child Safety, and sadly too often this system meant families were torn apart."

"The Newman Government is committed to delivering a better child protection system in Queensland and our most vulnerable children and young people deserve nothing less."

Some of the key recommendations accepted by the government include:
• Increased role for the non-government sector
• Diverting families from the child protection system
• Reducing over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
• Amending legislation and the role of children and families in court

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