Red Tape Reductions for Property Owners Getting Real Estate Back On Track


The Newman Government, committed to reducing red tape for property owners and real estate agents within 30 days of taking power, has acted to implement the change, local MPs said today.

The Minister for Housing and Public Works, Dr Bruce Flegg, required drafting of the necessary legislative amendments to repeal sustainability declarations which require changes to both the Building Act 1975 and the Property and Motor Dealers Act 2000.

"These changes will reduce the legislative burden on home owners and the real estate industry and remove unnecessary time consuming and costly paperwork," said Mr Trevor Ruthenberg, Member for Kallangur.

"The Department of Housing and Public Works worked with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General on this matter and these amendments were introduced by the Treasurer in Parliament's first sitting on 17th May," Mr Seath Holswich, Member for Pine Rivers added.

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