Eatons Crossing Rd Intersection to Receive Safety Upgrade


Local MPs hope a safety upgrade for a busy intersection on Eatons Crossing Road will help reduce the increasing incidences of crashes at the site.

The intersection of Eatons Crossing Road and Lilley Road, which intersects the suburbs of Cashmere, Warner and Eatons Hill, will receive improvements in early 2014 after a campaign from local MPs to improve road safety at the location.

The speed limit will be reduced from 80km/h to 70km/h on the approaches to the intersection and additional speed and safety signage will be installed in advance of the intersection in each direction along Eatons Crossing Road.

Line markings will also be repainted and additional reflective road pavement markers will be installed through the intersection to improve visibility of centre lines and turning lanes.

Member for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich had raised the road safety issue in Parliament with the Minister for Transport and Main Roads and along with Member for Everton, Mr Tim Mander, subsequently lobbied for these upgrades over recent months.

Mr Holswich expressed his concern at the increasing traffic crashes being recorded at the intersection.

"The number, and severity, of crashes at this intersection has been increasing in recent years as traffic numbers increase."

"Local residents, particularly from Cashmere, have been raising concerns about this intersection with me during 2013."

"My family and I travel through this intersection frequently, and the number of near misses I have seen is also concerning. Improvements need to be made before there is a fatality at this site."

Mr Mander is pleased that these first steps are being taken to upgrade the intersection.

"As well as these short term measures, our government has added the intersection for consideration under the Safer Roads Sooner program, where it will be considered against other safety-related projects throughout the state for further upgrades."

"Traffic numbers almost doubled at this intersection between 2011 and 2012, so it is timely that this work is undertaken."

"Our government is committed to building better, safer road infrastructure, and these upgrades will deliver on that commitment for motorists using Eatons Crossing Road."

The Safer Roads Sooner program focuses on implementing road safety measures at sites with a high crash history or an identified crash risk.