Three-Strikes Working


The Newman Government's three-strikes policy for rogue social housing tenants appears to be working, with new figures showing most people are curbing their behaviour after being issued with a first strike.

Since the crackdown was introduced on 1st July this year, wayward tenants throughout the state have been issued with 307 first strikes for actions such as aggressive and obscene behaviour and trespassing on neighbouring properties.

Member for Pine Rivers Mr Seath Holswich said tenants appeared to be getting the message with only 23 receiving a second strike and none receiving a third.

In the electorate of Pine Rivers there have been 3 strikes thus far, however there have been none in Kallangur.

"The three-strikes policy was designed to give wayward tenants ample opportunity to remedy their behaviour if they are issued a strike," Mr Holswich said.

"It's still early days but the initial data suggests when tenants are issued a first strike most of them take note and straighten up."

While the policy is designed to give tenants a chance to remedy problem behaviour, more severe or illegal actions can result in a "first and final" strike.

To date, 25 households around Queensland have moved on after being issued with a "first and final" strike for unacceptable activities such as severe property damage or drug manufacturing.

Member for Kallangur, Mr Trevor Ruthenberg said there were 22,000 households on the social housing waiting list in Queensland including 85 total households in Kallangur and 187 households in Pine Rivers ranging between very high need to low need.

"People need to understand that public housing is a privilege that comes with certain responsibilities," Mr Ruthenberg said.

"If you don't respect the privilege you have been given there are plenty of people who would love to take your place."

Households evicted under the three-strikes policy face a three month exclusion before they can re-apply. If the same household re-enters the social housing system they will be offered a one year lease and be required to sign a good behaviour bond.