Road safety at a Lawnton intersection will continue to be closely monitored by local MPs after a request for traffic signals was not granted.

In response to a petition signed by 1,100 signatories, requesting the installation of traffic signals to improve safety at the intersection of Gympie Rd and Paisley Drive, the Minister for Transport and Main Roads noted that the intersection "has a low history of recorded crashes it is not considered a priority for funding when compared with other high priority intersections across the state."

Whilst disappointed the request wasn't granted, State Member for Kallangur, Mr Trevor Ruthenberg, appreciates the logic of the decision.

"We should be very thankful we haven't seen any incidents at this intersection in recent times such as the tragic incident on Anzac Avenue in Kallangur last weekend."

"Whilst improving road safety at all intersections remains important, naturally there are some that are higher priorities."

Mr Seath Holswich, State Member for Pine Rivers, noted that even without the installation of traffic signals, improvements have begun on the intersection.

"Mr Ruthenberg and I recently requested the hedges in the median strip at the intersection be removed. This has occurred and the result is a vastly improved line of sight for motorists turning into Paisley Drive."

"We will continue to work closely with Department of Transport and Main Roads to improve safety at this and other local intersections."