90 First Year Constables inducted into QPS


Members for Pine Rivers and Kallangur, Seath Holswich and Trevor Ruthenberg are urging the community to make welcome 14 additional police officers who will be starting in the region in the coming weeks after graduating from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Academy in Brisbane on Thursday.

Minister Dempsey said the state's newest police officers had completed the 25-week recruit training program to become First Year Constables (FYC).

"I know from experience that being a police officer is a job like no other and extremely satisfying," Mr Dempsey said.

"Each of these FYCs has shown they have the commitment, dedication and skills needed to help protect the people of Queensland.

"Within this graduated intake, we see officers ranging in age from 19 to 49 and with personal trainers, kindergarten teachers and former defence personnel amongst the cohort.

"They will bring enthusiasm and unique life experiences and skills to their new roles. I congratulate them on their incredible achievement and wish them all the best in their careers."

"The State Government is committed to providing an additional 1,100 police officers to Queensland over a four year period.

"In 2012-13 an additional 300 police officers begin patrolling the beat across Queensland and an additional 267 officers are expected to join the police service in 2013-14."

Mr Holswich urged the community to make the new police officers welcome once they arrived in the region.

"Our hardworking police officers do a great job at ensuring our area is safe and these new officers will help them continue that tradition," he said.

Mr Ruthenberg said "I particularly wish to extend a warm welcome to the 14 officers who will be stationed within the North Brisbane District."

"The new officers will be arriving in the area in the coming weeks and I am sure everyone will join me in welcoming them to the community."