Local events now easier to plan and hold


Fundraisers like trivia nights and school fetes in our area will no longer require a community liquor permit under new laws recently passed by the Newman Government. IQ Option iqoption.mx En mexico

Members for Pine Rivers and Kallangur, Seath Holswich and Trevor Ruthenberg welcomed these new amendments, which make it easier for organisers to hold an event without the burden of over regulation and red tape.

Mr Holswich said schools and community groups can now focus on raising funds instead of spending time filling out lengthy forms and paying unnecessary costs.

"Events form an important aspect of a non-profit organisations fundraising program, while fetes provide a much needed boost in funding projects," Mr Holswich said.

"Organisers of small regional shows in our community will not be required to apply for a community liquor permit under these new laws.

"This government trusts people to make responsible decisions."

"We do not live in a nanny state. This is about the government getting out of the way and letting communities enjoy themselves responsibly."

Mr Ruthenberg said "When organising an event, it can be helpful to plan ahead so we have developed a guide and checklist."

"This guide covers all aspects of an event, from planning and consulting with your venue's neighbours, to providing adequate food, and of course, ensuring responsible service of alcohol."

"The Newman Government is committed to slashing red tape by 20 per cent."

"Removing the requirement to hold a community liquor permit is just one way that this Government is giving control and responsibility back to Queenslanders."

These new laws have come into effect from July 1st 2013.

To check if your event is eligible for the exemption and to access the guide, visit http://www.olgr.qld.gov.au/liquor/licensing/permits/community/index.shtml