Crackdown on Facebook Parties


The Newman Government is cracking down on out-of-control events with organisers set to face fines or even prison sentences.

Police and Community Safety Minister Jack Dempsey said new legislation was being drafted by the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to put a stop to ‘Facebook Parties' and the associated violent behaviour.

"I have had enough, police have had enough and the community has had enough of alcohol and drug-fuelled violence stemming from suburban parties and we want to put legislation in place to protect our communities," Mr Dempsey said.

Member for Pine Rivers, Seath Holswich MP said the legislation would target alcohol and drug related violence.

"Have a party by all means, but we don't want these types of events spilling into our streets and threatening members of the community," Mr Holswich said.

"The new legislation will allow police to fine organisers, parents and even gatecrashers if the event spirals out of control."

Parents who allow their children to hold an out of control party could face a $12,100 fine or 12 months in prison.

The fines and prison terms increase if the party is held at a place where the organiser has no lawful authority to hold the event.

In these situations the party organisers may face fines of up to $18,150 or three years in prison.

The proposed legislation will also give police the ability to recover costs for officers required to break up out-of-control parties based upon an hourly rate of resources required.

Member for Kallangur, Trevor Ruthenberg MP said "We want to send a message to the organisers of these types of events that unruly and dangerous behaviour will no longer be tolerated."

"I would urge anyone looking to hold a responsible party, to register it with the QPS by visiting the Party Safe webpage and to call police immediately if gatecrashers attempt to spoil the event."

The Police Legislation (Blue Tape Reduction) Amendment Bill 2013 is set to be considered by State Cabinet in September.