Three Strikes and You're Out


The Newman Government's three strikes and you're out policy for problem public housing tenants, has become effective from 1 July, 2013. Смотрите подробности Varicobooster у нас.

The Minister for Housing and Public Works, Tim Mander MP, launched the new strategy in April and said rogue tenants were now on notice.

"The days of endless second-chances are over. People need to realise that public housing is a privilege that comes with certain responsibilities.

Local members Seath Holswich and Trevor Ruthenberg have backed the new policy and say the community will benefit from the changes.

"If you disrespect the property, if you disrespect your neighbours you will face eviction," said Mr Holswich, Member for Pine Rivers said.

"The slap on the wrist approach is a thing of the past. If a tenant does receive three strikes and is evicted, there will be a three month period in which they will be unable to reapply for public housing.

"It is deeply disappointing when I see and hear of the damage caused to public housing properties in our community, houses which could have been used for our most desperate and needy

"Last year unruly tenants caused roughly $5 million worth of damage to public housing properties. Obviously that's completely unacceptable.

Member for Kallangur Trevor Ruthenberg was quick to stress that the aim of the policy was not to evict people, but to help them modify their behaviour.

"This policy is about encouraging people to remedy their behaviour. People will be given plenty of opportunity to mend their ways before facing eviction. Mr Ruthenberg said.

Between 2008 and 2011, the Department for Housing and Public Works issued over 103,000 breach notices for infringements including failure to pay rent, property damage and disruptive behaviour to neighbours.