State Member for Pine Rivers, Seath Holswich MP, is challenging Strathpine businesses and residents to step up and take action to revitalise Strathpine.

Mr Holswich has today released a Revitalising Strathpine - The Next Steps document, which details the key points raised at the Strathpine Business Forum he hosted in early May.

"The Revitalising Strathpine document lists some of Strathpine's strengths, challenges and opportunities as well as some actions that we can all take to help make Strathpine a destination of choice once again," Mr Holswich said.

"At the end of the day, it's up to each business owner, each resident, and elected representatives to play a part in bringing more people, more businesses and more jobs to Strathpine."

"It's not simply up to Government alone to make it happen and there aren't buckets of money available from government to make it happen - it's a process our community need to own."

"One of the clear messages from the attendees of the Forum was that we've already got a lot in Strathpine - but we need to market ourselves more effectively."

Attendees listed events such as Rodz Rock ‘n' Roll, Lawnton Markets, the Australia Day festivities and Christmas in the Park as some of the strengths of the region that businesses need to capitalize on.

"The reason I went out and secured a major Lego Expo for Strathpine is so that businesses in the region can benefit from the extra people coming into Strathpine over the Expo weekend," Mr Holswich said. "It's now up to businesses to look for unique ways to capitalise on that extra traffic."

Mr Holswich has reaffirmed his commitment to building a strong future for Strathpine.

"I will work with any local business or resident on any concept or idea that will help bring more people, more businesses and more jobs into Strathpine."

"Strathpine is a great destination and I look forward to playing my part in building a better Strathpine in coming months and years."

Revitalising Strathpine - The Next Steps can be downloaded from www.seathholswich.com