Pine Rivers Delegates Help Shape Queensland's Future


Three local delegates from the Pine Rivers electorate represented our community in Mackay as the process commenced to help shape Queensland's future.

Alison Price, Jerome deKretzer and Trevor Nelson-Jones were chosen as a good cross representation of the Pine Rivers community to kick start the conversations on The
Queensland Plan.

"The Queensland Plan will be a plan created by Queenslanders, for Queensland," said Seath Holswich MP, Member for Pine Rivers.

"Alison, a small business owner and President of the Dayboro Pony Club; Jerome, a financial advisor and Rotary Club Member and Trevor, a commercial real estate provided strong representation for Pine Rivers at the Summit" Mr Holswich said.

The Delegates and Member for Pine Rivers were in Mackay yesterday, Friday 10th May, joining more than 400 other Queenslanders as they considered what issues we need to discuss across the state. They considered the major trends likely to affect our state, identified some issues we need to discuss in Pine Rivers, and started the conversations about where we want to be in 30 years.

"The Summit highlighted our aspirations and priorities for the State's future."

"All community members will now have an opportunity to join the conversation on The Queensland Plan, particularly through giving their opinions on six statewide questions that were developed at the Summit."

• In the context of living in the community, how do we move our focus from ‘me' to ‘we'?
• How do we create and foster an education culture that teaches skills and values to meet global challenges and optimises regional strengths?
• How do we empower and educate individuals, communities and institutions to embrace responsibility for an active and healthy lifestyle?
• How do we structure our economy to ensure our children inherit a resilient future?
• How do we strengthen our economic future and achieve sustainable landscapes?
• How do we attract and retain the brightest minds and ideas where they are most needed and capitalise on global opportunities?

Mr Holswich and the Pine Rivers Summit delegates are also finalizing a number of local questions that will also be discussed.
From May through to August, Mr Holswich and the Pine Rivers Summit delegates will be engaging in a number of consultations and community discussions to gather thoughts and opinions to contribute to The Queensland Plan.

Contact the Pine Rivers Electorate Office on 3205 6779 or visit for more information.