Rogue Tenants to be Put on Notice


The Newman Government is putting the finishing touches on a three strikes policy that would see rogue social housing tenants evicted if they fail to curb their behaviour. Forexmejores Broker

It comes on the back of new figures that show unruly tenants caused more than $5 million in "unfair wear and tear" on social housing properties last year.

Member for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich, said the policy was about restoring individual responsibility to social housing.

"Under the system we inherited from Labor, it's almost impossible to be evicted from social housing, no matter how badly you behave," Mr Holswich said.

"As an example of the damage that has been caused by some out of control tenants, one Murrumba Downs residence required $35,730 in repair work in December 2012 to make it habitable for future tenants."

"A three strikes policy will give Housing officers the tools they need to nip bad behaviour in the bud before things spiral out of control."

Member for Kallangur, Mr Trevor Ruthenberg, said social housing was a privilege that came with certain responsibilities.

"At a bare minimum, people are expected to refrain from destroying the property or using it to conduct a criminal enterprise," Mr Ruthenberg said.

"Similarly, there is an expectation that tenants won't behave in a way that is unnecessarily disruptive to others in the neighbourhood."

"Sadly the current policy is a toothless tiger. I am aware of cases where tenants have been issued with more than 30 breach notices before the tenancy was finally terminated."

"The vast majority of social housing tenants do the right thing."

"However we have to send a message to those who are determined to do the wrong thing that we will not accept disruptive, dangerous or illegal behaviour".