LNPs Economic Blueprint Will Get Kallangur and Pine Rivers Jobs Back on Track


THE LNP's economic blueprint will cut payroll tax, red tape and regulation to give small businesses in Kallangur and Pine Rivers the power to create more jobs and get government off their backs, LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey said today.

Earlier this week Ms Stuckey met with local small business owners and local LNP Candidate for Kallangur Trevor Ruthenberg, and Pine Rivers Candidate Seath Holswich to outline the LNP's blueprint to cut payroll tax cut by raising the exemption threshold from $1 million to $1.6 million over six years and to have red tape slashed.

"LNP Candidate for Kallangur Trevor Ruthenberg and Candidate for Pine Rivers Seath Holswich understand that local small businesses are the engine room of the local economy and the key creator of jobs," Ms Stuckey said.

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