Year 7 Students off to a Delayed Flying Start at Bray Park High


It was a day later than expected due to the storm recovery, but State Member for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich MP, today welcomed Bray Park High's first intake of Year 7 students, who are among the first Queenslanders to get an early start to high school.

Mr Holswich said Bray Park State High School, who welcomed 80 Year 7 students this morning, was one of 18 state high schools across Queensland participating in the Year 7 pilot program, two years ahead of the state wide move in 2015.

"In 2015, all Queensland schools will fall into line with other states and territories and move Year 7 into high school," Mr Holswich said.

"This means our Year 7 students will have access to specialist teachers and subjects and will be well-placed to take advantage of the new Australian Curriculum as it is progressively rolled out."

"In preparation for 2015, Bray Park High are taking part in the pilot program, which will provide some valuable insights and lessons for other schools over the next two years."

"I am thrilled that one of our great local high schools has been chosen to join the pilot program in its second year and will be leading the way with this exciting reform."

Mr Holswich said Bray Park High had worked extensively with local primary schools to ensure that Year 7 students were well-supported through their early transition to high school.

"I congratulate the staff at Bray Park High for establishing strong links and programs with their feeder primary schools to ensure that students are prepared for the new routine of high school and supported through these changes," Mr Holswich said.

"There will continue to be a major focus on making the transition to high school as easy as possible for Year 7 students this year."

"The introduction of Junior Secondary in all high schools this year will mean that these Year 7 students will benefit from the extra academic, social and emotional support."

"I am sure that other schools from the region and across the state will be watching Bray Park High with great interest over the next two years."