Pedestrian Safety a High Priority for New Neighbourhood Centre


Local State Members have today announced that the temporary pedestrian lights on Gympie Rd south of the AJ Wyllie Bridge will be made permanent and declared the decision a win for clients of the soon to be completed Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre.

Seath Holswich MP and Trevor Ruthenberg MP, along with Councillor Mick Gillam, have been lobbying on behalf of the Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre to have the lights retained permanently after the completion of the AJ Wyllie Bridge reconstruction project.

"The new Neighbourhood Centre will be a fantastic community facility, but with no footpaths on the eastern side of Gympie Rd, it would have been difficult and dangerous for clients to access the Centre if they were coming on foot or by public transport," Mr Holswich said.

"This decision ensures that Neighbourhood Centre clients will be able to safely cross Gympie Rd and access the important services offered by the Neighbourhood Centre."

Melinda Fleming, Director of the Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre, has hailed the decision as a win for residents of Pine Rivers and Kallangur.

"This is a great outcome for the many community members who will visit the centre on foot or use public transport. It enables safe physical access for everyone."

Mr Ruthenberg believes that any delays caused by this additional set of traffic lights will have minimal impact on traffic flows along Gympie Rd.

"The Neighbourhood Centre primarily operates between the hours of 9am and 4:30pm, meaning there should only be minimal use of the lights during peak traffic periods outside those times."

The new Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre is on track to be opened in coming months. The construction of the Centre is being funded by the State Government.


PHOTO: Trevor Ruthenberg MP, Melinda Fleming from PRNC, Seath Holswich MP