$80 Water Rebate to Start Flowing in February


Kallangur and Pine Rivers households will start receiving their one-off $80 water rebate from 1st February, delivering on the Newman Government's election commitment to provide cost of living relief.

"This rebate provides temporary relief from the rising cost of water bills for Pine Rivers and Kallangur households," Mr Seath Holswich said.

"This rebate is part of our 4 Point Plan to reduce water costs."

The once-off $80 rebate will be applied as a deduction from the water bill households receive for the first quarter of 2013. Unitywater's billing cycle means that most local households will receive the rebate on their bill between 1st February and 30th April 2013.

Mr Trevor Ruthenberg added that this rebate is just one of a number of actions the Newman Government is undertaking to reduce water prices in South East Queensland.

"As part of our election commitment, the Queensland Government has merged the SEQ bulk water entities into a single entity, Seqwater, and abolished the Queensland Water Commission to reduce the cost of supplying water in SEQ," Mr Ruthenberg said.

"By creating a single integrated bulk water supply business, corporate costs will be reduced with only a single board, a reduction in the executive team and savings in administrative functions."

"The new Seqwater will review the bulk supply system and identify where assets are not needed or can be better utilised. This will allow bulk water to be delivered at the lowest cost possible."

The Queensland Government will also consider the bulk water price to be applied from 1 July 2013.