Holswich Spends Scorching Day at School


State Member for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich, chose the hottest day of the school year to spend with staff and students at Bray Park State School earlier this week.

Mr Holswich spent a day shadowing teachers as part of his "day in the life" commitment, aimed at getting a grassroots understanding of how different parts of the Pine Rivers community operate.

During the day, Mr Holswich spent around half the day in the classroom with a year 5 class as well as undertaking playground duty, handing out behaviour awards on assembly, attending a Volunteers Morning Tea and assisting the trombone section during concert band practice.

"It was an eye-opening day," Mr Holswich said. "Even though I have two children in primary school, and one of those is also in year 5, it gives you a completely different perspective when you spend a day in the classroom assisting the teacher."

"It was amazing to see the teachers at work - juggling a classroom full of students who are at all different stages of educational and social development. It certainly gave me a deeper appreciation of the challenges faced by teachers and the skill level needed to educate our children."

"I think the teachers were secretly pleased that it was so hot on the day I was at school," Mr Holswich added. "It gave me the opportunity to see the extra challenges teachers face under such extreme circumstances."

In spite of the heat, Mr Holswich shares the view of the Minister for Education, Training and Employment that air conditioning isn't the highest priority for South East Queensland schools.

"As I talk with teachers in many of our local schools, they are telling me that whilst air-con would be nice, they would prefer extra funding to assist special needs students, to fix building maintenance backlogs and to provide extra money for classroom resources and consumables."

"I had one state school teacher recently tell me that they have spent thousands of dollars this year out of their own pocket on classroom resources and consumables, because the classroom budget simply doesn't stretch far enough."

"I think these issues need attention before we spend money air conditioning our classrooms."

Mr Holswich has made a commitment to spend a "day in the life of" various sectors of the community every quarter during this term of government. He is open to further suggestions of groups or individuals he can spend a day with during 2013.


PHOTOS: Seath with students from Year 5 at Bray Park State School.