Quality Venue Needed to Showcase Local Talent


State Member for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich, has expressed his desire to see a permanent home for performing arts to be constructed in the Pine Rivers region.

Mr Holswich, speaking after attending Pine Rivers Musical Association's (PRIMA) production of Oliver this weekend, said that a permanent home is needed to take performing arts to the next level in Pine Rivers.

"PRIMA's season of Oliver was an example of the high calibre of talent and productions we have locally," Mr Holswich said.

"Over 1,000 people attended the season of Oliver which showcased both local performers and performers from all over Brisbane."

These numbers followed on from PRIMA's season of Jesus Christ Superstar earlier in 2012 which attracted 1,200 people across the season.

"Groups such as PRIMA, Moreton Youth Music Ensembles and Pine Rivers Brass Band, to name a few, regularly perform in our region and are attracting performers from other regions, but we don't have a venue that will adequately showcase these talents."

Mr Holswich has committed himself to spearheading a campaign to see a custom venue built in Pine Rivers.

"I have already been working with some local performing arts groups and other stakeholders to understand their needs and what the options are, and I am keen to champion this cause and fight for a new venue."

"It's not something that will happen in a hurry, but we need to get the ball rolling."

"This is a project that will require cooperation and contributions from various levels of government, the performing arts community and the local business community."

Mr Holswich hopes that a permanent, high quality, venue would also attract other organisations to the region.

"I have already had some indications that other organisations would consider touring shows to our region if we had such a venue."

"This project would have numerous benefits for our community - including developing and showcasing local talent, strengthening the cultural reputation of our region, developing the attractiveness of our region as a tourism destination and bringing more jobs to our region."

Anyone interested in providing input or assistance are encouraged to contact Mr Holswich at pine.rivers@parliament.qld.gov.au or on 3205 6779.