Taxi Scheme Needs Reviewing to Cope With Increased Demand (Response to Letter to the Editor)


Dear Editor,

In response to the Letter to the Editor from Mr Scott Russell of Petrie (Northern Times, 26th October 2012), I would like to reassure Mr Russell that this issue is being openly discussed to ensure we achieve an outcome that will continue to meet the needs of an increasing number of users of the Taxi Subsidy Scheme.

Membership of the Taxi Subsidy Scheme has increased dramatically since it was last reviewed in 2008. The number of people who use this scheme is expected to continue to increase in future years, so it is important this scheme remains affordable.

With this in mind, and to ensure the scheme continues to meet community expectations, the Minister for Transport and Main Roads announced that a panel would review the scheme. Recommendations are expected to be made to the government in March 2013.

The panel will take contributions from disability and community groups as well as the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

If Mr Russell, or anyone else, would like to make submissions to the review, I would be happy to receive written submissions and will forward them on to the review panel for consideration.

In undertaking this review, our government is looking to balance the on-going needs of users with the increasing demand for the scheme.

Yours faithfully,


Seath Holswich MP
State Member for Pine Rivers