More Police on the Beat in Pine Rivers Police District


Police Minister Jack Dempsey and Local MPs today welcomed 10 new First Year Constables (FYCs) to the Pine Rivers police district.

The FYCs were part of 116 who graduated from the Queensland Police Service Oxley Academy recently.

"These new officers will be stationed in communities from Coolongatta to Cairns and will provide a visible and active policing presence," Mr Dempsey said.

"As part of the Newman Government's 2012/13 Budget, we committed to an additional 300 officers, this is an important part of that commitment."

Minister Dempsey said the newly graduated officers would start arriving in the Pine Rivers District in the coming weeks.

Mr Seath Holswich welcomed the graduated officers to the beat of the Pine Rivers police district.

"10 new officers to our region is part of the Government's continued investment in our region," Mr Holswich said.

"These new officers are warmly welcomed to our region and we look forward to the positive contribution they'll make to our community."

Mr Trevor Ruthenberg added, "During the election, I began working for additional local police resources and I remained committed to this as a local Member of Parliament."