New Laws to Put Brakes on Hooning Behaviour


Local MPs and Police Minister Jack Dempsey are getting tough on hoons with a proposed bill passed through Cabinet recently that will see Queensland implement the toughest anti-hooning laws in Australia.

The new laws will see an offender's car taken off the road and impounded for three months following the first serious offence.

"Not only will the car be taken off the road for the first offence, but a second offence in five years will result in the car being sold or crushed," Mr Seath Holswich, Member for Pine Rivers, said.

"The Newman Government is committed to being tough on crime in order to ensure Queensland is a safe place to live, visit and work - and we're putting the brakes on hoons."

Minister Dempsey said the changes would tackle hoons head-on in Pine Rivers and Kallangur and work to take dangerous driver behaviour off local streets.

Member for Kallangur, Mr Trevor Ruthenberg, welcomed the changes on behalf of local residents.

"The Newman Government's new anti-hooning laws will do what the previous Labor Government did not do - take the hoons off our roads," Mr Ruthenberg said.

"Kallangur and Pine Rivers residents have had enough of hoons receiving a slap on the wrists under the previous Government's weak laws and penalties."

Mr Holswich encouraged residents to be proactive in reporting hoons by contacting the Queensland Police Service's Hoon Hotline.

"Members of the public should call the Hoon Hotline on 134 666 to report any hooning activity they may see in the local area," Mr Holswich said.

"A description of the vehicle, what it was doing, the registration plates, the time and where the vehicle was, can go a long way to help police locate these offenders."