Funding Boost for Koala Rescue and Rehabilitation


The Newman Government has reinforced its commitment to koala protection, launching a new grants program for groups involved in koala conservation services today.

In keeping with their election commitment local MPs said the Koala Rescue and Rehabilitation Grants will be available to eligible front-line organisations that provide an invaluable service to the community through their work with sick, injured and orphaned koalas in Queensland.

Mr Seath Holswich said the Queensland Government recognised that the decline of koala populations in Queensland was a significant issue.

"It is no secret that koalas are under significant pressure in Queensland and particularly in the Moreton Bay Region, and while habitat loss is one contributing factor, we can't look at these issues in isolation."

"By providing this funding for koala rescue and rehabilitation the Newman Government is taking action to address other issues that affect koala numbers such as attacks from domestic animals and vehicle strikes."

Mr Trevor Ruthenberg said the grants program would be aimed at building the capacity of koala conservation groups to enhance their ability to effectively deliver rescue and rehabilitation services now and into the future.

"The Government is committed to koala conservation and has allocated $800,000 over the next four years to support the important work of koala rescue and rehabilitation services."

"The Koala Rescue and Rehabilitation Grants will expand the scope of koala conservation programs beyond habitat protection and enhancement," Mr Ruthenberg said.

The grants are part of the government's $26.5 million Investing in our Koalas policy to protect the species.

In addition to the $800,000 available for rescue and rehabilitation services, the Newman Government launched a three-year, $22.5 million Koala Habitat Program earlier this year which will target degraded koala habitat for acquisition and rehabilitation back to bushland.

A further $3.2 million will also made available over four years through the Newman Government's Koala Research Grants program to support research into disease and other preventable causes of death, injury and illness.

Applications for the rescue and rehabilitation grants open on 12th October and will close on 7th December 2012.

For more information visit: or phone 3330 6317.